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Celebrating Jewish holidays, observing Shabbat and practicing mitzvot are ways to connect to Judaism, to Jewish community and God. But how are those who are unable to do to a particular mitzvah or tradition, or who perhaps need to do it differently, feel connected to Jewish tradition, Jewish meaning, Jewish community and God?


At A Mitzvah to Eat, all Jews belong equally, no matter which mitzvot or practices they are (or are not) able to do. When we acknowledge that we have community members who need accommodations for mitzvot, we hope to create a Jewish community where no one needs to face this challenge alone. Welcome to our growing online resource hub, organized by Jewish holidays and fast days. We're always creating new content. If there is something you would like to see us create, please let us know here

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Yom Kippur                               Tisha B'Av                    

Sukkot                                       the Minor Fasts

Chanukah                                  Shabbat and Yom Tov 


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