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How do I connect to Yom Kippur if I’m eating? Even for those who are able to fast without harm, Yom Kippur is so much more than the fast. Yom Kippur is about teshuvah, which is sometimes explained as repentance. We would like to suggest a more expansive meaning of teshuvah, however. We see teshuvah as a process of self-reflection, where a person has an opportunity to draw closer to their true self, and to draw closer to God.  Those who are able to fast can use the fast as part of their process of teshuvah. Those who need to eat can make their eating meaningful by using it to draw closer to God and to their true selves.

FAQs for eating on Yom Kippur - in progress!

Prayers for those who must eat

Letter to clergy to support those who need to eat 

Learn - Needing to eat on Yom Kippur in the Shulchan Aruch

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