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A Mitzvah to Eat supports Jews who have a vast range of health conditions, disabilities, and life circumstances who need to eat on Jewish fast days, use a device on Shabbat, or relate differently to other mitzvot. To reduce isolation and bring holiness to acts of self-preservation, we provide Jewish learning, write original personal prayers, and create resources. We also provide thought leadership and act as advocates for the needs of our community members.


We are an international, pluralistic group of Jewish educators and clergy who feel passionately that rituals and mitzvot should not cause harm or suffering. Guided by our commitment to Jewish law (halacha), Jewish belonging and Jewish continuity, we believe that people who need to eat on Yom Kippur, use a device on Shabbat or connect differently to other mitzvot should not have to do so by themselves, but rather they should be given respectful communal space and be seen as equal members of the Jewish community. 


EJewish Philanthropy: The group helping those who can't fast to find meaning 

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