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In response to what has happened in Israel, a number of Jewish communities and leaders have designated Thursday, October 12th, 2023 as a Ta’anit Tzibur, a communal fast day. 


Many of us might want to participate in this day, so here are some options for how to connect to a Ta’anit Tzibur when your mitzvah is to eat. Please know that different things work for different people. Find what works for you.


1) Fast days are always meaningful times to consider a donation of food or money to organizations who help those dealing with food insecurity.


Or, perhaps you will donate money specifically to an organization in Israel.


2) Some people find it helpful to do an alternate fast, perhaps refraining from social media, speech, or a different alternate fast that is meaningful.  If you choose this option, it is important not to refrain from an activity that is a self-care or coping strategy.


3) Instead of taking something away from your day, such as a traditional fast or an alternate fast, perhaps consider adding something to your day. Perhaps you will add extra prayer, time volunteering, or checking in with and supporting friends and community members.


4) Some of us are really struggling right now. It's okay not to do anything extra, and also not to take anything away. It's okay just to have a mitzvah to eat on a Ta'anit Tzibur and to know that we all belong equally- whether we have a mitzvah to fast or a mitzvah to eat. 


5) Connect with others who have a mitzvah to eat or who need other accommodations for mitzvot. Join our Facebook group or attend our online gathering at 1:30 pm Eastern Time. Sign up here.


We support you always.

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